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flow chart of postdoctoral scholar recruitment and hiring process


Recruiting/Hiring Process

  • Creating/Revising Position
  • PI completes PeopleAdmin-Postdoc-Posting-Worksheet submits via InfoPorte
    • Minimum Salary = $47,476
    • If waiver is applicable (see waiver reasons  – PeopleAdmin Waiver Reasons).
    • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs approves PeopleAdmin posting.
  • PI/Manager interviews candidates
  • PI selects candidate and completes Reference-Check-Form and notifies HR Rep of the interested candidate.
  • PI contacts departmental HR representative for next steps in hiring process.
  • Once background check results received, HR rep will submit the hiring proposal.
  • HR Rep sends the Appointment Letter
  • Once employee returns signed Appointment Letter, the HR Rep will request the employee to complete the Postdoctoral Scholar New Hire Package.
  • HR Rep will then processes the new hire in ConnectCarolina
    • HR Rep will send final welcome email with ONYEN, email, and orientation info.

Supervisor Resources


I-9 Requirements

New employees will be required to complete an I-9 through Lawlogix prior to their first day of work. They will receive instructions via email with the login information. The employee will also be required to provide documents from the a List of I-9 Acceptable Docs

ONYEN Services

Employees can create an ONYEN by going to: ONYEN Services

Employees can also set up their email address by going to: Self-Service

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

For additional information and considerations, please go to: ISSS

Annual Performance Evaluation

According to the postdoctoral policy, a mentor of a Postdoctoral Scholar must complete an annual written evaluation of the Scholar’s performance. This process should be simple and must include the opportunity for the Scholar to respond in writing to the evaluation.

The UNC Postdoctoral Scholar Evaluation Form  is provided as a guideline.


This chart (download) provides information on potential promotion options for current UNC postdocs nearing the end of the 5-year limit. You may choose to discuss this with administrators in your school or college to determine whether one of these positions might be a viable option for you.


  • Rainbow form is required if there is an increase
    • These are sent to EPA -Non-Faculty for approval
    • Please work with your HR Representative to process
    • Once the reappointment is approved by EPA-Non-Faculty, the hire action can be completed in ConnectCarolina

Appointment Extensions/Reduction in FTE

To request an extension of appointment (beyond the five year limit)  or a reduction in FTE for a postdoctoral trainee, complete Request for Postdoc Extension Form or REQUEST FOR FTE REDUCTION EXCEPTION FORM and submit it to OPA HUMAN RESOURCES .


What do the different rank codes mean, and how do they affect my taxes?

Code 27: Postdoctoral Fellow/Trainee—An individual with an earned doctorate, who holds a sponsored postdoctoral fellowship or traineeship, who is engaged in postdoctoral training through research for a fixed period of time, but no more than five years, and receives a stipend or training allowance.

Code 28: Postdoctoral Research Associate—An individual with an earned doctorate, who is engaged in postdoctoral training through research for a fixed period of time, but no more than five years, and receives compensation for services performed.

Code 27 is exempt from the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA); code 28 is not. For postdocs categorized as code 27, completion of the “Certification of Non-Service Requirements of Scholarship/ Fellowship for Social Security Withholding Purposes” form certifies that the postdoctoral fellow/trainee meets the criteria for FICA tax exemption. The form can be accessed at

The FICA tax exemption pertains to stipends and training allowances associated with fellowships, traineeships, or services as an independent contractor that are carried out at UNC-Chapel Hill. These stipends and training allowances are not subject to the FICA tax because the payments are not compensation for services as an employee.2

For more information on this policy, see