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University Research Week: November 8-12, 2021

Facts & Figures

6th in the US for federal research among universities.
in research activity annually.
12th largest US research university in research volume & annual expenditures.


Our Mission

Cures and treatments for disease. New technologies. New industries for North Carolina and the world. At Carolina, we tackle tough challenges with multidisciplinary teams of top scientists and students whose diverse perspectives deliver creative, unprecedented solutions. As one of America’s top research universities, we conduct roughly $1 billion in research annually. We provide dedicated service to our sponsors and unprecedented opportunities for graduate students, postdocs and undergraduates.

— Terry Magnuson, UNC Vice Chancellor for Research


Strategic Research Priorities

By fostering and supporting collaborative, interdisciplinary teams, UNC Research is accelerating new discoveries and solutions to emerging challenges in these areas:






Data Science




Infectious Disease


Opportunity, Well-Being, and Culture


Precision Health and Society

In Pursuit

Levees Improved by UNC Researcher Succeed Against Hurricane Ida

On Sunday August 29th, Hurricane Ida made landfall in New Orleans as a Category 4 hurricane, but thanks to the work of UNC researcher Rick Luettich and others, the levees held and water damage was greatly minimized.

Carolina Research in the News | Earlier News Stories…

launch chapel hill

Startups Deliver Economic Boost to Pandemic Recovery

A new analysis by Innovate Carolina shows that in 2021 UNC-affiliated startups have generated more than $14 billion in revenue and created more than 12,000 jobs across North Carolina.

Image of proteins in a cell

Improving Cell Research

UNC School of Medicine Professors Timothy Elston and Klaus Hahn improved a technique to track proteins in real time in living cells. The method introduces florescent molecules that bind to the studied protein. While that’s been done before, this development broadens the proteins that can be studied.

Black cigar clipart

Strengthening Tobacco Warnings

UNC School of Medicine professor Leah Ranney received a $1.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study how cigar warnings can be improved by making the labels larger and adding images.