1. Where should a Postdoc’s health insurance forms be sent?

  • Mail BCBS paperwork via regular mail to:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
P.O. Box 2073
Durham, NC  27702

  • Mail Campus Health paperwork via regular or campus mail to:

Campus Health Services
Patient Accounts
James A. Taylor Building, CB #7470
Chapel Hill, NC  27599

2. What if the Mentor wants to extend the Postdoc’s appointment past 5 years?

3. What if the Postdoc wants to reduce work / FTE?

4. What if the Postdoc wants to work remotely for an extended period of time?

5. When and how can I pay a Postdoc an Overload lump sum payment?

  • Can be used to pay the Postdoc for teaching a class in their home department or an outside department.
  • Can be used to pay for non-teaching work done for an outside department.
  • The Overload amount cannot exceed 20% of the Postdoc’s annual salary.
  • EHRA Overload Request Form should be submitted and fully approved before work begins.

6. Can the Postdoc or Mentor request a salary increase for the Postdoc?

  • Salary increases can be submitted at reappointment if the salary follows NIH guidelines (No rainbow form required).
  • Any reappointments not within the NIH guidelines will require a rainbow form to be submitted to epanfsalaryrequest@unc.edu.
  • Both extensions and reappointments require a letter to be signed by the Postdoc.

7. What if Student Blue did not have information on the new Postdoc?

  • Did the Postdoc’s Hire ePAR execute in ConnectCarolina before the monthly deadline?

    • If not, submit a Help ticket so the Postdoc can receive pay for the missed month in their next paycheck.
    • Insurance information will not be received by BCBS until the end of the following month.
  • Did the Postdoc submit their health insurance packet?

  • Has the Postdoc’s address been updated in the University Directory?

    • International Postdocs must have a local address to receive their medical cards. These are not mailed internationally.
    • To update an address, go to the University Directory page.

8. What if the Postdoc wants to cancel their medical insurance or that of a dependent?

  • The Postdoc should fill out a Termination Request Form and submit to Student Blue.
  • Terminations are available on a monthly pro-rata basis.
  • All terminations are effective on the last day of the month.

9. When does a postdoc’s health insurance take effect?

  • Coverage for eligible postdocs begins on the first day of the month following the hire date.
  • Example: A postdoc hired on July 25 would have health insurance coverage beginning August 1.
  • Example: A postdoc hired on August 1 would have health insurance coverage beginning September 1.