Serving North Carolina, Changing the World

UNC-Chapel Hill is a top-ranked public R1 research university and member of the American Association of Universities (AAU). UNC houses five major health affairs schools (Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing) on our main campus, adjacent to our College of Arts & Sciences and co-located with a statewide health care system and five on-campus hospitals. This arrangement drives a highly collaborative culture among scientists of all disciplines that helps make possible our $1 billion in annual research activity. UNC is home to over 50 research centers and institutes and is one of the three corners of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, along with neighbors Duke University and N.C. State University.

Strategic Research Priorities

By fostering and supporting collaborative, interdisciplinary teams, UNC Research is accelerating new discoveries and solutions to emerging challenges in these areas:

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Discovering the biology and diseases of the nervous system and drivers of human behavior.

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Improving lives through cancer research and advancing cancer prevention, detection, treatment and health practice.

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Data Science

Developing and applying big data tools to solve scientific and societal problems.

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The study of natural systems, global environmental change, resilience, and health.

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Opportunity, Well-Being, and Culture

Exploring how opportunities shape success and well-being over a person’s lifetime and across societies; and humanities as a lens for understanding our world.

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Precision Health and Society

Tailoring health care practice, delivery and therapeutics to unique individual circumstances, using factors from genetics to social and environmental influences.

Research Funding Initiatives and Award Programs

The Vice Chancellor for Research’s funding Initiatives and award programs accelerate the work of UNC researchers with diverse perspectives to develop solutions to scientific challenges, promote creative pursuits, and benefit North Carolina and the world. Through these initiatives, we seek to build a culture of collaboration that promotes discovery and curiosity, supports creative inventions, and recognizes and rewards exceptional performance.

Creativity Hubs
UNC Idea Grants
Arts and Humanities Research Grants
ORD Publications Grants