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LabArchives: Better Science

Electronic research notebooks (ERNs) help researchers manage the results of research efforts, record and document research processes and procedures, and manage digital research data in ways that increase reproducibility, efficiency, collaboration, searchability, and security.

UNC-CH has purchased an enterprise license for LabArchives ERN services for use by faculty, researchers, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students in performing research activities. LabArchives and their notebook software interface is securely accessible via the internet from anywhere in the world using a web browser on any device.

LabArchives was chosen by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research as it is the leading ERN on the market with multiple built-in widgets for optimal customization. It offers flexible permissions and roles for sharing notebooks, pages, and entries, even with researchers outside of UNC. A timestamp and record of every user and action is created, which cannot be deleted. Additionally, it has tools that enable compliance with funding agencies’ data management requirements and is the only ERN service provide that is approved for Internet2 higher education member universities.

UNC does not allow HIPAA-protected Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be stored in LabArchives. We recognize the challenges that such restrictions pose to collaborative science and will discuss arrangements with you that encourage and enable global collaboration.

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Notebook image by David Schwarzenberg.