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Guidance from the Vice Chancellor for Research Regarding Concerns of Inappropriate Foreign Influence and University Research

This page provides guidance from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research on matters relating to foreign influence concerns, policy updates, and guidance provided by the NIH and other federal funding agencies. This page will be updated as information changes.

Transparency & Disclosure

Guidance for researchers to be thorough and complete in describing their types of research support.

Export Controls

Regulations around export controls are complex and constantly evolving, and there are several issues to be considered before engaging in a wide range of export-controlled activities.

Engaging Visiting Collaborators

Visiting scientists are a tremendous asset to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s global research program, and their contributions to what we do are recognized and appreciated.

Proper security of material, data and confidential/proprietary information

When materials or data will be shared with other organizations, foreign or otherwise, it is often prudent and may be required by law, to have an agreement, such as a material transfer agreement (MTA), data use agreement (DUA), or nondisclosure agreement (NDA), in place governing the use of those materials or data.

Intellectual Property

Researchers must take reasonable efforts to protect the University’s interest (and, in the case of federally-sponsored research, the federal government’s interest) in intellectual property developed in the course of their UNC research.

Peer Review

Always remember that all information gained through peer review processes – whether reviewing grant applications or publications – is confidential and should never be shared.

Gifts & Donations

Only designated University personnel are authorized to accept gifts (either cash or in-kind) from any source.

Expectation Guidance Chart

What to do now: a printable PDF guide.

NIH Policies

Resources from the National Institutes of Health.

Guidance on Science and Security

OSP Guidance on Science and Security Impact on Research.