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Contact Information for Current Research Participants with Concerns

If you are a participant in a study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and have questions or concerns about your rights as a research subject you may contact, anonymously if you wish, the Office of Human Research Ethics by calling (919) 966-3113 or by email: IRB Subjects. Routine questions about scheduling, explanation of procedures, or similar matters about your particular study should be addressed to the research investigator named in your consent form.

Research for Me

If you are interested in finding a research study to participate in at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or being contacted about upcoming research studies, please visit the Research for Me website.

UNC Brochure on Participating in Clinical Research

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has developed a brochure titled “Should You Volunteer?” to educate the public about medical research in general, and help them decide if they might want to participate. You may download a PDF version of the brochure (in English or Spanish):

  • Should You Volunteer? Participating in medical research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (English)
  • Deberías Ser Voluntario? Participación en la investigación médica de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte en Chapel Hill (Español)

Human Research Volunteer Informational Videos

OHRP has a great resource for prospective research volunteers: About Research Participation. Check out their video playlist below.

OHRP Luminaries Lecture Series: A series of guest lectures on a wide range of research topics for the research community.  A sampling of topics includes eConsent, HIPAA, FDA, community research, personalized medicine, research ethics, big data, genetics and Belmont Report 25th anniversary video series.

Additional Information about Participating in Clinical Trials (NIH)

The following links to web sites developed by the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute also provide information for individuals who are interested in participating in a clinical trial.