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Panoramic photo of South Building on UNCʼs campus, Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill

1. Where should a Postdoc’s health insurance forms be sent?

  • Mail BCBS paperwork via regular mail to:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
P.O. Box 2073
Durham, NC  27702

  • Mail Campus Health paperwork via regular or campus mail to:

Campus Health Services
Patient Accounts
James A. Taylor Building, CB #7470
Chapel Hill, NC  27599

2. What if the Mentor wants to extend the Postdoc’s appointment past 5 years?

3. What if the Postdoc wants to reduce work / FTE?

4. What if the Postdoc wants to work remotely for an extended period of time?

5. When and how can I pay a Postdoc an Overload lump sum payment?

  • Can be used to pay the Postdoc for teaching a class in their home department or an outside department.
  • Can be used to pay for non-teaching work done for an outside department.
  • The Overload amount cannot exceed 20% of the Postdoc’s annual salary.
  • EHRA Overload Pay Request Form should be submitted and fully approved before work begins.

6. Can the Postdoc or Mentor request a salary increase for the Postdoc?

  • During HR Action Pause

    • Postdoc Research Associate reappointments may move forward, but associated salary increases must be submitted for review and approval via Essential HR Action Request.
    • Postdoc Trainee and Fellow reappointments and associated salary increases that are in line with NIH recommended stipend levels based on years of experience may move forward and do not need approval as Essential HR Actions.
    • As a reminder, the Essential HR Action Request does not replace the Rainbow Form.
  • Under Normal Conditions

    • Salary increases can be submitted at reappointment if the salary follows NIH guidelines (No Rainbow Form required).
    • Any reappointments not within the NIH guidelines will require a Rainbow Form to be submitted to
    • Both extensions and reappointments require a letter to be signed by the Postdoc.

7. What if Student Blue did not have information on the new Postdoc?

  • Did the Postdoc’s Hire ePAR execute in ConnectCarolina before the monthly deadline?

    • If not, submit a Help ticket so the Postdoc can receive pay for the missed month in their next paycheck.
    • Insurance information will not be received by BCBS until the end of the following month.
  • Did the Postdoc submit their health insurance packet?

  • Has the Postdoc’s address been updated in the University Directory?

    • International Postdocs must have a local address to receive their medical cards. These are not mailed internationally.
    • To update an address, go to the University Directory page.

8. What if the Postdoc wants to cancel their medical insurance or that of a dependent?

  • The Postdoc should fill out a Termination Request Form and submit to Student Blue.
  • Terminations are available on a monthly pro-rata basis.
  • All terminations are effective on the last day of the month.

9. When does a postdoc’s health insurance take effect?

  • Coverage for eligible postdocs begins on the first day of the month following the hire date.
  • Example: A postdoc hired on July 25 would have health insurance coverage beginning August 1.
  • Example: A postdoc hired on August 1 would have health insurance coverage beginning September 1.

10. Upon separation, when does a postdoc’s health insurance end?

  • Coverage goes through the end of the month following the last day worked.
  • Example: A postdoc whose last day is September 19 would have health insurance coverage through October 31.
  • Example: A postdoc whose last day is September 30 would have health insurance coverage through October 31.
  • Example: A postdoc whose last day is October 1 would have health insurance coverage through November 30.