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Panoramic photo of South Building on UNCʼs campus, Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill

The Benefits and Services page can assist you in locating information about the various benefits and services available to you and your family as a UNC Postdoc. This includes information on child care information, an information network of local childcare resources, a directory of family daycare and in-home providers, a childcare assistance program and a summer recreation program.

Services offered include:

  • Child and Elder Care Resource and Referral
  • Work/Family and Work/Life Educational Programs
  • Helping Heels Child and Elder Care Provider List
  • The Work/Life Library
  • UNC-Chapel Hill Child Care Financial Assistance Program
  • Lactation/Breastfeeding Resources

Standard Leave And Family And Medical Leave (Individual leave may vary depending on position)

  • Postdoc shall receive: (a) twelve (12) days of paid vacation leave per appointment year (in addition to recognized University holidays) and (b) twelve (12) days of paid sick leave per appointment year. Twelve days of vacation and twelve days of sick leave is a required minimum a greater number of vacation days can be negotiated between the Postdoc and the Mentor. Use of vacation leave is subject to the Mentor’s prior approval. Leave is available in total on the first day of the appointment.
  • Leave does not accrue. Tracking of Postdoc leave in TIMs is not required. However, a record of any leave taken by the Postdoc should be kept in the Postdoc’s departmental file. Unused vacation leave and sick leave will not be paid out when an appointment ends.
  • Postdocs are also eligible for six (6) weeks of paid parental leave to care for a new biological, adopted or foster child, which includes exhausting all available paid vacation and sick leave. This leave must be taken within one year of the relevant birth, adoption or foster care placement of the child. Postdocs may also be eligible for Family and Medical Leave if they meet certain eligibility requirements set forth in the University’s Family and Medical Leave Policy. International Postdocs should consult with ISSS to confirm what leave is allowed under their current immigration statuses.

A recent study of US postdocs in the STEM pipeline revealed findings about the experiences of postdoc parents in the US. Read the report, Parents in the Pipeline: Retaining Postdoctoral Researchers with Families to learn more about the study and findings. We are proud to say that UNC is ahead of the curve in addressing all six areas identified as ways that universities can support postdoc parents / families.

Parents in the Pipeline Recommendation UNC Support for Postdocs
Create a Postdoc Office
  • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
    123 West Franklin St. #600B
Provide Parental Leave
  • 6 weeks Family Leave
  • 12 days Sick and 12 days Vacation leave
Ensure Health Accommodations are Accessible to Postdocs
  • Family Medical Leave Act Policy
  • Career & Crisis Counseling (OPA)
Implement and Advertise Written Policies on Schedule Flexibility
  • Family Medical Leave Act Policy
  • Family Leave
  • Career & Crisis Counseling (OPA)
  • Individual support offered at the office by appointment
Provide On-Campus Childcare or Other Childcare Supports On campus daycare not available but resources, limited funding support and other programs support postdoc child care:

  • Helping Heels
  • UNC-CH Child Care Scholarship Program