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The IRBs are registered with the Office of Human Research Protections. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has the following IRBs, shown with their OHRP numerical designation:

  • IRB A (#538)
    David Weber, Chair & Bradford Walters, Vice-Chair
  • IRB B (IRB #539)
    Louise Winstanly, Chair & Laura Thornton, Vice-Chair
  • IRB C (#1648)
    Kim Brownley, Chair & Eric Allman, Vice-Chair
  • IRB D (#1649)
    Robert Matthews, Chair & Kate Foreman, Vice-Chair
  • IRB E (IRB # 540)
    Cheryl Smith-Miller, Chair & Megan Rebuli, Vice-Chair
  • IRB F (IRB #9770)
    Kim Brownley, Chair & Andrea Trembath, Vice-Chair