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If your research project will involve activities outside the United States, there are many unique considerations. For example, certain activities in foreign countries may trigger the applicability of local law requirements. Also, there may be additional risk management concerns for your project. Before engaging in international research projects, please consider the questions below. For more information of if your answer to Questions 3-10 are affirmative, feel free to reach out to

  1. Will your proposed project use local partners to perform some or all of the foreign country work?
  2. If so, what will be the nature of the contractual relationship between UNC and the local partner?
  3. Will your project require faculty, staff or students to work in the foreign country?
  4. Will your project need funds in the foreign country?
  5. Will the project need a local bank account?
  6. Will the project need physical space in the foreign country?
  7. Will the project require purchase of items in the foreign country?
  8. Does the project involve human subjects research to be conducted in the foreign country?
  9. Does the project involve a clinical trial to be conducted in the foreign country?
  10. Will the project result in the receipt of revenues from sources within the foreign country?
  11. Are there visa requirements to enter the foreign country?
  12. Are there required immunizations or preventative medications required to enter the foreign country?
  13. Do you have an emergency or crisis management plan?