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Some biologics, agents, and chemicals, even those that are commonly used in the laboratory, are highly controlled under U.S. export control regulations.

Prior to exporting any biological or chemical material, please refer to the Bureau of Industry and Security’s list of biological controls or the following lists:

If the biologic or agent is listed, please contact the Export Compliance Office for assistance with obtaining any necessary export license. An export license may take six weeks or longer to obtain, so advance notice will help to facilitate your proposed exports.

If you plan on sending any materials or chemicals out of the United States, please submit the Export Control Review Form for International Shipments as soon as possible.

Additionally, the UNC-Chapel Hill Environment, Health and Safety office provides extensive information and assistance relating to controlled biologics and agents, including an online version of their Biological Safety Manual. Please contact their office for regulations/requirements that may apply in addition to export controls.