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Panoramic photo of South Building on UNCʼs campus, Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill

Primary Sector: 2019 Outcome Data

Academia: 44%; For Profit: 22%; Non Profit: 6%; Government: 2%; Unknown: 26%

I’m grateful for the guidance of the OPA career coaches. When I scheduled my initial appointment, I was preparing for an interview amid a time of complicated career decision-making. The coaching sessions helped me think through the important issues and develop a plan for going forward. The interview advice was invaluable and helped greatly. I was offered the position. – UNC Postdoc

Top Employers

  • AbbVie
  • Baylor University
  • BD
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Duke University
  • Eva Garland Consulting
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • LabCorp
  • Nuventra Pharma Sciences
  • RTI International
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Washington University in St. Louis

Career Outcome Reports