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Panoramic photo of South Building on UNCʼs campus, Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill

The Making of a Punishing State: Punishment, Social Control, and Social Services in North Carolina

Tuesday March 19th | 6:00-7:00 PM


Join Dr. Kaneesha Johnson as she explores how North Carolina has shaped its policies towards its residents over the last century. Delving into historical archives, including newspapers, personal papers, and administrative data, she uncovers how punitive measures have been deeply embedded within social services since their inception. Rather than focusing solely on one aspect of punishment, Dr. Johnson discusses the diverse range of ways the state administers punitive actions in its multifaceted approach to social control. This is a broad talk that is open to everyone – no science background required!

PDA Research Café is a free series, organized by postdocs, to share the exciting research being carried out at UNC with the local community. All talks are delivered by engaging professionals who are leading experts in their fields of research. Talks take place on the first Tuesday of every 2nd month at TRU Deli Sandwich and Wine Bar in Chapel Hill ( No background knowledge is required – everyone is welcome!