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Industry Contracting webpage is now on OSR website

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is pleased to announce that the Office of Industry Contracting webpage previously located at has now moved to the OSR website as a new page in Resources: This new IC webpage contains updated information from the original Office of Industry Contracting site and all links from that previous site will redirect to the new webpage.

New IC Webpage Layout Includes:

Generic Icon
  • Detailed breakdown of agreement types
  • Process steps for submitting different types of agreements
  • New forms and resources for Industry agreement submittals
  • IC team contact information


As a reminder, the IC team is responsible for reviewing and executing agreements with industry for sponsored projects, including sponsored research and clinical trial agreements. The team is also responsible for all (industry, federal, non-profit) data use/transfer and research confidentiality agreements as well as other unfunded agreements.

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For assistance with industry agreements, please also contact Any questions on this announcement and/or to provide feedback on the new IC webpage, please contact

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