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  • Correction to Additional GSHIP Charges Posted

    This notice confirms that the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) has addressed the UNC Finance transaction on October 31, 2017 that posted additional GSHIP charges (related to memo below) by reversing the posted charges on all OSR projects that ended … Continued

  • Fiscal 2017 System Error in KK Budgets for Clinical Trials – Error Resolved

    Last year it was identified that budgets for some clinical trials were inadvertently impacted by fiscal year end transactions in the accrual ledger. This caused unintended budget fluctuations on some clinical trial projects. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) can … Continued

  • New RAMSeS System Enhancements

    A RAMSeS systems update has been scheduled for tonight. The purpose of this update is to increase transparency and provide campus users access to relevant research administration information. Much of this update improves automatic notifications generated by RAMSeS. Minor updates … Continued

  • Policy Update – Unallowable Expenditures and Overdrafts

    Effective December 21, 2017, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) has an updated Policy pertaining to Unallowable Expenditures and Overdrafts and has provided a new Procedure document to clarify the existing process. Policy Reminder – Expectations of Expenditure Management: Unallowable … Continued

  • OSR December Break Proposal Submission Deadlines

    The University will be closed on December 25, 2017, and reopen on January 2, 2018. Due to this closure, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will not be available to submit proposals. All proposals due during this period must be … Continued

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