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The Office of Industry Contracting (OIC) within UNC-CH Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is responsible for reviewing and executing sponsored research agreements with private industry, including sponsored research agreements, clinical trial agreements and subcontracts, among others. OIC also negotiates and executes all (both industry, federal or other party) Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs and NDAs) and Data Use Agreements for the entire UNC-CH campus.  The OIC mission is focused on streamlining support for industry-funded sponsored projects, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and helping make Carolina a better partner to industry.

OIC has been delegated signature authority on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Research to sign agreements related to research and thereby bind the institution to the terms and conditions contained therein.  Please note that Principal Investigators, faculty, staff, and departments are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the UNC-CH.

The Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Development (OCED) will continue to manage all intellectual property for the University, and OIC will coordinate with OCED to ensure that intellectual property provisions in research contracts are administered in accordance with University goals.