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Collaborations are often the cornerstone of success in the research community and the University remains strongly committed to that idea by encouraging and supporting collaborative efforts worldwide. Concerns have been raised by Federal entities that certain international activities have begun to threaten the integrity of the U.S. research enterprise. These concerns are commonly referred to as “Science and Security“. It is important that all faculty and staff understand these concerns and the impact on research efforts at the University.

To help researchers and research administrators remain informed and compliant in this area, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) released the Guidance on Science and Security webpage.

Main Components:

  • Background on the evolution of Science and Security
  • Related Policies and Procedures
  • Primary Concerns and Direct Impacts on Research
  • Sponsor Specific Updates
  • FAQs

Additional related guidance is available on the UNC Research webpage as well as the Guidance memo from the Vice Chancellor For Research on foreign influence concerns.

Recent Updates

  • Information from the October 2019 FBI Academia Summit
  • Updates from the Senate HAGAC Subcommittee
  • Department of Justice Settlement with Van Andel Research Institute
  • NSF JASON Report December 2019
  • Best Practices from UNC’s School of Medicine

If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to OSR at or The Conflict of Interest Program at

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