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University Policy on the Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals for Research, Training, and Teaching Purposes

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Program – Mission, Responsibility, and Membership



Anesthesia & Analgesia Standards:

University Standard on Pain Identification and Post-Operative Analgesia

University Standard on Preparation, Storage, and Use of Tribromoethanol

University Standard on Anesthetic Vaporizers

University Standard for Inhaled Anesthetics

University Standard on Anesthetized Non-Surgical Procedures for Rats and Mice

Anesthesia & Analgesia Guidance/Templates:

Post-Procedure Monitoring & Analgesia Card – REQUIRED CARD

Anesthesia/Analgesia Drug Log Template

Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Procedure Record – Rodents

DCM Veterinarian Recommended Formularies and Regimens

Isoflurane Vaporizer Monitoring Log Template

Isoflurane Drop Method Log Template

SOP for Isoflurane Drop Method

SOP for Preparation and Storage of Tribromoethanol

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Care & Welfare Standards:

University Standard on Acclimation Period for Animals Received/Transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill from Outside Vendors/Animal Facilities

University Standard on Adoption of Companion Animals

University Standard on Documentation of “Monthly Principal Investigator (PI) Check Sheet”

University Standard on Food and/or Water Restriction and/or Deprivation

University Standard on Humane Endpoints in Rodents

University Standard on Animal Monitoring and Record Keeping

University Standard on Monitoring Animals on Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (NMB)

University Standard on Reporting and Veterinary Care for Research Animals

University Standard for Reporting Non-Compliance with the Approved Animal Use Protocol, Animal Welfare Issues, and Unanticipated Adverse Outcomes

University Standard on Tumor Production and Cancer Research in Mice and Rats

University Standard for Weight Loss in Research Animals

University Standard on Assignment of Animals into Pain Categories

Care & Welfare Guidance/Templates:

Body Condition Scoring – Mice

Body Condition Scoring – Guinea Pig

Body Condition Scoring – Rabbit

Body Condition Scoring – Swine

Body Condition Scoring – Canine

Body Condition Scoring – Feline

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Housing & Transportation Standards:

University Standard on Animal Procedural Space Exception

University Standard on Animal Transport and Biosecurity

University Standard on Mouse Cage Density

University Standard on Rat Cage Density

University Standard on Environmental Enrichment for Animals

University Standard on Exercise and Socialization for Canines

University Standard on Satellite Facilities

University Standard on Social Housing of Research Animals (Terrestrial and Aquatic)

Housing & Transportation Guidance/Templates:

Adverse Weather and Reduced Operations

Mouse Cage Density Lecture

Disaster Plan for UNC Satellite Facilities

Satellite Disaster Plan Section F – Specifics to be Submitted for IACUC File

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IACUC Protocol Information Standards:

University Standard for Amendments and Other Protocol Changes

University Standard on Exceptions

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Procedures & Services Standards:

University Standard on Rodent Survival Surgery

University Standard on Survival Surgeries for USDA-Covered Species

University Standard on Survival Surgery in Amphibian Oocyte Harvest

University Standard for Rodent Blood Withdrawal and Tail Biopsy

University Standard for Administered Agents

University Standard on Rat and Mouse Euthanasia

University Standard on Disposal of Rodent Carcasses

University Standard on Rodent Identification

University Standard on the Use of Adjuvants for Antibody Production

Procedures & Services Guidance/Templates:

Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia Posting

SOP for Euthanasia of Research Rodents

Guidelines for Use of Core Facilities

FDA Approved Sterilants and High Level Disinfectants

SOP for Administered Agents

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