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Research Core Development Webpage Now Available

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is pleased to announce that the Research Core Development (RCD) team now has a webpage!

As a reminder, the RCD team will collaborate with OSP’s Cost Analysis and Compliance unit and research core/service center leadership to develop and implement new capabilities and business processes designed to streamline core management, rate development, business workflows, and general core facility administration.


New RCD Webpage Layout Includes:

  • A detailed description of the responsibilities of the RCD team
  • Background on the RCD team
  • Research Core Agreements
  • Resources, including FAQs
  • News & Events related to research core/service centers
  • Contact information
  • Feedback form for core support and improvement suggestions/questions


New Process for Research Core Agreements

Research Core Agreements are the agreements between the UNC Core and external users (clients). The RCD Webpage includes online forms by which research core agreements can be submitted to OSP for review, negotiation, and execution. These forms can also be used to obtain agreement templates that UNC Cores can modify and send to clients.

All requests pertaining to research core agreements should be submitted using one of the online forms on the RCD Webpage. There are four online forms that can be used to:

  • request a template
  • submit a partially executed agreement
  • request an amendment to an existing agreement
  • update a template
  • use a client agreement or request negotiation

For more information on these online forms, please see the Research Core Agreements Guidance.


For assistance with research core/service centers, please also contact

Any questions on this announcement and/or to provide feedback on the new RCD Webpage, please contact

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