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Prepaid Cards and Procedure

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is excited to release OSR Operating Standard 500.17 – Prepaid Cards and Procedure for 500.17 – Prepaid Card Request & Reconciliation. Both may be located via OSR’s website or directly from the links above. This operating standard and procedure detail the steps to request and reconcile prepaid cards related to a sponsored project.

The UNC Finance Division (Finance) procedures should be followed for requesting and reconciling prepaid cards for non-sponsored activities.

Expectations of Prepaid Card Management

  • All prepaid cards distributed within a calendar month must be reconciled by the 15th (or next business day) of the following month unless required sooner for reporting purposes.
  • Prepaid card use is strictly limited to the payment of study subject/participant incentives for sponsored projects. Only SHRA and EHRA employees are able to request and have access to the Bank of America Prepaid Administration Tool (PAT).
  • Funds reconciled from the prepaid card advance should not exceed the available balance in the prepaid card advance account code.

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