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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), in conjunction with the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), is excited to announce that the information and triggers for the RAMSeS Automated Closeout emails that send at 90, 45, and 7 days from the project end date have been updated. The revised emails provide more clarity to the closeout process while still providing the same details departments needs for award/project closeout.

Key updates

effective November 18, 2020

Submission of RAMSeS Closeout Checklist is NOT required

However, RAMSeS closeout record may be used to communicate to your OSR Sponsored Projects Accountant that all expenditures have posted to ConnectCarolina for the prime PS Project ID, and all related subaccount and/or subagreement PS Project IDs.

Emails triggered on 3xxxxxx, 4xxxxxx, and 5xxxxx projects

Previously, closeout notifications only sent to projects that began with 5-. Now, clinical trials (projects beginning with 3- and 4-) will receive automated emails based on their project end date.

All transactions must be posted by the KK End Date

All valid and supportable expenditures to the project must be fully processed in ConnectCarolina and any outstanding obligations cleared by the KK end date.

If you have any questions, please email

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