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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is excited to release the Subagreement Initiation Portal (SIP), a web-portal consisting of several online forms required for requesting subagreement actions.

SIP is a one-stop shop to Initiate a Subagreement, Amend an Existing Subagreement, or Respond to Additional Info/Document Requests pertaining to subagreements.

Effective October 16, 2019, all new requests for a subagreement will need to be communicated and submitted via SIP.

SIP Benefits

SIP Actions Image

Another benefit built into the SIP release is additional email reminders from RAMSeS and RAMTracker pertaining to subagreements both to be processed or in process.

SIP Process

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At the Review stage, if all necessary documentation isn’t received or additional information is needed, the department will be notified by email to submit additional info via SIP.

SIP Actions

Key Reminders:

  • To process a request in SIP, you always need a Subagreement Project ID.
  • Use the SIP Questionnaire to submit a request to Initiate or Amend a Subagreement.

Initiate Subagreement

If a new PS Project ID has been issued for a subrecipient project, this requires submitting the SIP form to initiate a subagreement so OSR can begin the process to draft and execute an agreement with the subrecipient entity.

Amend Subagreement

Completing the Amendment form in SIP will start the process for OSR to review and amend existing agreements with subrecipients.

Additional Info Request

All communications for additional information or documentation on subagreements should be submitted in SIP. Most often, this will occur when departments respond to a request from OSR. Going forward, on all new requests processed from the SIP, OSR will no longer accept subagreement info sent via email to the Sponsored Projects Specialist (SPS) or

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For questions regarding specific Subagreements, please contact your Sponsored Projects Specialist. Any questions or help needed with SIP, please reach out to

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