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About the Program

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is excited to release the first course in Carolina RAPiDs (Research Administration Professional instructional Development system). Carolina RAPiDs is an online training program designed to provide comprehensive training for research administrators at UNC.

Carolina RAPiDs is a useful resource for new research administrators as well as those who want to expand on their knowledge base in the field. Completing Core curriculum in Carolina RAPiDs will also lead to the Carolina RAPiDs Certification in Research Administration..

How it Works

The Carolina RAPiDs Certificate in Research Certification is comprised of three initial Cores of study: the Foundations Core, Proposal Core, and Post-Award Core. Each core covers knowledge in their respective areas of research administration and after completing each core, users will earn a Certificate. Completion of these three initial Cores of study (or all three Certificates) garners the full Carolina RAPiDs Certification in Research Administration.

About the Cores

  • Foundations Core
    This first core provides an overview of research administration and covers the knowledge basics needed to be a research administrator at UNC. The first course released in Foundations is titled The Research and Regulatory Environment at UNC; the subsequent courses in this core will be released throughout the coming months.
  • Proposal Core
    The second core focuses in depth on proposal topics that range from finding funding, proposal creation, review and submission. This core will focus heavily on processes and resources at UNC. Completing the Foundations core is not a pre-requisite to the Proposal Core; however, Foundations is required to earn a Proposal Certificate.
  • Post-Award Core
    The third core provides in depth guidance on post-award topics and informs on how to manage awarded agreements using industry standards with a focus on UNC specific requirements. Completing the Foundations core is not a pre-requisite to the Post-Award Core; however, Foundations is required to earn a Post-Award Certificate.

Get Started!

Click below to review two short videos that introduce you Carolina RAPiDs and then login in to start your training!



For more information on this training, please visit the Carolina RAPiDs webpage. For questions, please email

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