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Budgeting Fringe Benefits and Fixed Health Insurance Rates

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 fringe benefits budgeting guidelines for sponsored agreements have been updated to reflect calendar year changes to the following categories:

  • Social Security (OASDI) Maximum Taxable Salary Base
  • Compensation Limits Subject to Retirement (TSERS & ORP)
  • UNC Faculty Physicians (FP) Supplemental Insurance

Please refer to the updated rate schedules to appropriately determine personnel benefits in proposals.

SCHEDULE I Fringe Benefits Health Insurance
Permanent Employee 24.519% $6,104.00
Post-Doctoral Appointee 8.990% $4,465.92
Graduate Students 8.990% $3,910.44
Graduate Students (with FICA exemption) 1.340% $3,910.44
Undergraduate Students (with FICA exemption) 1.340%
SCHEDULE II (Additional Benefits) Fringe Benefits Health Insurance
FP Member – Permanent Employee 4.907% $2,165.28

The detailed breakdown of Schedule I & II and the complete FY 2019 Fringe Benefits Memorandum are available on the OSR Information Sheet.

Please contact your department’s Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Sponsored Projects Specialist with questions on applying these rates on sponsored agreements. For all other general questions, please contact Brian Bertlshofer at (919) 843-4891 (

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