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Internal Processing Form – NIH Mechanism

  • The NIH Mechanism is now required if ‘NIH Grant’ has been selected in the ‘Award Type’ field
  • For NIH T-Series Mechanism, a pop-up window will include the following guidance:
  • “Training Programs – (See Section 3 – Additional Information on Eligibility for Trainee Eligibility Requirements).”

Proposal Administration – Award Received Email Notifications

  • Addition of ‘Award Notice’ to the list of Document Types in the IPF ‘Attachment’ Tab
  • The ‘Award Notice’ attachment is required to change the status to ‘Award Received’ in the IPF; Attempts to change the status without an ‘Award Notice’ will generate an error message instructing the user to attach the ‘Award Notice’ file
  • Only Central Office users will have access to upload the document and use the ‘Award Notice’ document type
  • The system generated message triggered by ‘Award Received’ status will automatically attach the ‘Award Notice’ document to the email notice
  • In the event of multiple documents with the ‘Award Notice’ Document Type, the most recently uploaded document will be attached to the ‘Award Received’ email

Award Administration – Billing Tab

  • Select users will now be able to view the ‘Billing’ Tab which displays information on Sponsored Projects Accountants assigned to the project
  • Users with access to view the ‘Billing’ Tab:
    • Individuals named on the Award
    • Administering/Approving Department users with Award Data Access or ‘PS Project ID Manager’ roles in Backbone
    • Users listed as Primary Award Contact in the IPF associated with the Award

Award Administration – Closeout Notifications

  • The 90- 45- and 7-Day Closeout Notifications will now include the following message:
  • “It may be that this reminder is referencing a budget year end date because the financial project end date in Connect Carolina represents the end of a budget year and not the final award end date. This usually occurs when we do not have approval for automatic carryforward of funding from one budget year to the next budget year. If that is the case, please contact your departmental administrator to assess what needs to be done to continue spending for your project.”

RAMSeS Navigation – Miscellaneous

  • Help Menu: Correction to the FAQs link now directs to
  • ‘ARRA Submissions’ Inbox has been removed from the Award Dashboard
  • ‘ARRA Submissions’ Section removed from the RAMSeS Home Page
  • References to the ‘Research Account Manager’ role has been updated to ‘PS Project ID Manager’ matching the role names used in Backbone. (Backbone role name will be updated in conjunction with rollout of RAMSES v. 3.06)
  • Correction to the Backbone link in the ‘For More Information’ section. Now directs to
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