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Off-Label Drug Misinformation in COVID-19

UNC epidemiologist Nabarun Dasgupta has been researching the safety consequences of off-label drug use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how empathetic communication strategies can counter misinformation about drugs like hydroxychloroquine.

Can You Spread COVID-19 if You’re Vaccinated?

New COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to keep people from getting sick. But no one knows yet whether they will keep vaccinated people from spreading the coronavirus to others. In a new clinical trial, Carolina experts will test whether vaccinated people can spread coronavirus to others.

COVID-19 or Seasonal Allergies?

As seasonal allergy season starts to pick up, doctors warn that some people may confuse overlapping symptoms with COVID-19. UNC School of Medicine researcher Onyi Iweala, an expert in rheumatology, allergy, and immunology, shares tips to help distinguish between the two.

Suzanne Zaccardo holds an American flag and says the pledge of allegiance to her computer for her online class of first graders

Learning As We Go

While the controversy surrounding when and how schools should reopen has led to policy debates and changes in family dynamics, UNC epidemiologists and education researchers find hope in the lessons from this year.

from right to left: an image of a person pipetting, a girl at sunset with fish traps, a sculpture

Creating Conditions for Discovery

How has UNC’s expertise in infectious diseases, public health, virology, and other fields improved conditions caused by the pandemic? Learn the answer to that question and more in this interview with Vice Chancellor for Research Terry Magnuson and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Joyce Tan.

Zeynep Tufekci

Reflecting on the Year of COVID-19

In this article from The Atlantic, UNC School of Information an Library Sciences researcher Zeynep Tufekci reflects on ways the pandemic has improved the world by facilitating groundbreaking vaccine innovation, improving our use of digital infrastructure, and encouraging open science.