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Benjamin Mason Meier (right) discusses law reforms to prevent disease with the Global Health Law Consortium in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in April 2019.

During a Pandemic, Strong Public Policy Can Save Lives

Benjamin Mason Meier is analyzing policies across the globe that are being implemented to halt the spread of COVID-19. He wants to understand what powers governments have to prevent the disease and what policies are working in the disease response.

young teen sitting on floor of bedroom

Emergency Self-Compassion Classes Help Teens Amidst Pandemic

UNC psychiatry professor Karen Bluth is helping teens address their anxiety and stress during the pandemic by teaching online, four-week self-compassion classes.

two young women wear masks as they sit in their living room

Household Deemed Most Common Place for COVID-19 Transmission

UNC infectious disease researcher Jessica Lin is leading a study to address the infection rates of household members living with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

a graphic showing orange antibodies attacking a purple virus

UNC Team READDI for Next Outbreak

READDI is a new open-science, nonprofit drug research and development organization that seeks to combat virus families that cause the majority of the world’s epidemics — and pandemics — by identifying similar changes in their cellular proteins that are essential for viral replication.