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Reducing Migraines Through Dietary Changes

July 12, 2021

According to a new study involving UNC’s Daisy Zamora, an assistant professor in the School of Medicine’s department of psychiatry, participants who increased the amount of omega-3 fatty acids and decreased the omega-6 fatty acids in their diet reported fewer … Continued

What To Know About The Delta Variant

July 8, 2021

In this article, Lisa Gralinksi, a professor of epidemiology in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, discusses the Delta variant of COVID-19 and shares insights on its symptoms as well as how effective vaccines are against the variant.

Analyzing Ancient Animal Remains

July 8, 2021

Benjamin Arbuckle of UNC’s Department of Anthropology and Carolina graduate student Christine Mikeska are examining remains of animal teeth excavated from two Bronze Age cities to explore fundamental questions about how these early urban centers supported populations of several thousand … Continued

Genetic Cause of Rare Disease Found

July 7, 2021

Researchers from the UNC School of Medicine have discovered variants of a gene that can alter neuronal architecture, dramatically affecting their function and leading to a rare, newly defined neurodevelopmental syndrome in children.

A New Life-Saving Ultrasound Device

July 7, 2021

Carolina and the University of Zambia researchers are using cutting-edge medical devices, machine learning and artificial intelligence to tackle global maternal and child health issues while providing quality services to women and children in Zambia.

RUNC: Cynthia Fraga Rizo

July 7, 2021

UNC School of Social Work associate professor Cynthia Fraga Rizo researches intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking to prevent such acts and provide survivors with effective services and interventions.

Magnetic Sense in Marine Animals

July 6, 2021

Summer Research Fellow Alayna Mackiewicz is a graduate student at UNC researching the magnetic sense in marine animals using the oyster toadfish to learn where in the brain detection and processing of magnetic information occurs. Her work could have applications … Continued

White Matter and Brain Health

July 6, 2021

You’ve heard of grey matter—but what about white matter? New research from UNC-Chapel Hill suggests that some diseases affecting white matter may be associated with structural and genetic abnormalities in the brain, which sheds further light on the complex genetic … Continued

A Convergent Code

July 1, 2021

By combining their expertise in chemical biology and epigenetics, an interdisciplinary team of Carolina scientists is rewriting faulty instructions in genomes to treat genetic diseases without changing the DNA itself. Their common goal: identify, develop and apply chemical tools to … Continued

Accomplishing More Together

July 1, 2021

In this Q&A, Daniel Gitterman, a professor of public policy in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences, discusses his new book that explores how the public, nonprofit and private sectors can work together toward common purposes and even accomplish … Continued