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Guiding Innovations in Educational AI

July 29, 2021

Researchers from UNC, NC State, and other universities are forming a new $20 million National Science Foundation Artificial Intelligence Institute for Engaged Learning. Learn how Carolina computer scientists will create equitable educational experiences via advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Lessons from UNC Research

July 29, 2021

As employees return to campus this month, they have a prototype for success. UNC Research developed a plan back in June 2020 to ramp up on-campus research from critical projects only — COVID-19 related, among others — to 50% capacity. Research had a banner year, breaking $1 billion in new grant awards, and the research enterprise is now fully up and running.

Celebrating Graduate Research

July 29, 2021

Diversity and Student Success, an initiative of The Graduate School, held its annual research symposium on Tuesday, which drew nearly 100 undergraduate student scholars from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to present research in order to foster a pipeline to graduate … Continued

Seeking Justice

July 28, 2021

UNC folklorist Glenn Hinson and students provided research that informed the re-enactment this summer of a 1921 Warren County court trial where 16 Black men were unfairly accused after being threatened by a white mob.

Hot Topic Teaching

July 26, 2021

Thanks to a recent grant from the National Science Foundation, UNC School of Education researcher Troy Sadler will continue to study how to engage students in scientific learning by building lesson plans centered around socio-scientific issues — hot topics of interest to young people — like COVID-19, climate change, and vaping.  

The Delta Variant

July 22, 2021

Infectious disease expert David Wohl of UNC School of Medicine shares insight into the rapid spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant across the United States and urges anyone not yet vaccinated to get a COVID-19 vaccine immediately.

Returning To The Galápagos

July 22, 2021

After an almost two-year break, animal health researchers from UNC and NC State returned to Carolina’s Galapagos Science Center to conduct various vital studies ranging from cross-matching blood samples in sea lions to measuring microplastics found in the green sea … Continued

Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries in Veterans

July 21, 2021

UNC’s Matthew Gfeller Center is a leading epicenter for traumatic brain injury research. Funding from the Gary Sinise Foundation will now enable them to start a community-based clinical outreach program designed to provide care to veterans experiencing the effects of traumatic … Continued

RUNC: Pedro Sáenz

July 21, 2021

UNC assistant professor of Mathematics Pedro Sáenz works to demonstrate that some odd behaviors displayed by electrons and other atomic-sized particles can be recreated with larger particles visible to the human eye.

Sanitation and Youth Intestinal Disease

July 20, 2021

Gillings School of Global Public Health researchers are exploring the impacts of sanitation infrastructure on the transmission of intestinal infections in young children in Mozambique. They found that effective sanitation in very early childhood can be protective against some common … Continued