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Rethinking Drug Delivery Systems

June 17, 2021

With the help of 3D printing, Rahima Benhabbour of UNC Biomedical Engineering is creating innovative medical devices to benefit marginalized women around the globe.

Microbes and Marine Ecosystems

June 16, 2021

In this video, UNC Center for Galapagos Studies researcher Scott Gifford explains his work to better understand the molecular biodiversity found in microbial communities and the role bacteria play in shaping ocean chemistry and ecology.

Community-Driven Archives

June 16, 2021

In this Q&A, Wilson Library archivist Chaitra Powell reflects on her work in community-driven archives. Rather than just swooping into a community and taking their materials, oral histories and collective knowledge back to Chapel Hill, Powell stresses the importance of … Continued

Pandemic Mental Fatigue

June 15, 2021

In this Q&A, Samantha Meltzer-Brody, chair of UNC Psychiatry, says we need to acknowledge this difficult time, be good to ourselves, and not be shy when it comes to asking for help.

Preschool During the Pandemic

June 15, 2021

This video series from the FPG Child Development Institute’s Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center shares the successes of practitioners and families across the country in supporting preschoolers during COVID-19 through technology.

Adjusting to the New Normal

June 14, 2021

COVID-19 cases are dropping, but the virus still remains deadlier than the flu. UNC psychiatrist Austin Hall spoke with WRAL about how people are adjusting to the new normal.

$17.5 Billion Business of Underage Drinking

June 14, 2021

A study by researchers at the UNC Gillings School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, and Boston University is one of the few to capture how much money is made from youth alcohol consumption. And for the first time, researchers … Continued

Creativity Hubs Award Aids Solar Panel AI Research

June 10, 2021

With the help of a UNC Research Creativity Hubs award, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerated Discovery of Solar Energy Materials Hub will apply recent advances in data science and AI to develop systems for the generation of novel solar fuels … Continued

RUNC: Christina Rudosky

June 10, 2021

UNC teaching assistant professor of French Christina Rudosky studies surrealism and why objects were coveted, collected, and brought to life through writing and art during this 20th-century avant-garde movement.