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The Tale of mRNA

May 4, 2021

UNC played an integral role in conducting clinical trials for the Moderna and Novavax COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more about the years of mRNA research that made the development of these vaccines and trials more efficient.

Biostats and COVID-19 Impact

May 4, 2021

After studying biostatistics at UNC Gillings School of Public Health, Dr. Bonnie Shook-Sa joined the faculty. She researches statistical methods, health inequities & infectious diseases. When the pandemic arrived, she offered a more accurate picture of COVID-19 impact.

Reducing Carbon Footprint With Oysters and Marsh Grass

April 30, 2021

When it comes to helping in the fight against climate change, reducing your carbon footprint is a regularly suggested tactic. By burying carbon deposits into the sediment of a saltmarsh created by researchers, a project at the UNC Institute for Marine … Continued

Mobile Game Strategies Encourage HIV Treatment

April 30, 2021

Gamification may do the trick when a doctor’s advice or a patient’s good intentions are not enough to encourage people to stick to their HIV treatment. In addition to medication reminders and adherence tracking, the app used gaming elements to create … Continued

The Politics of Noise

April 29, 2021

In this episode of The Institute Podcast, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies assistant professor Petal Samuel discusses how the management of the soundscape has served as a crucial avenue of racial governance in the pre- and post-colonial Caribbean and … Continued

PTSD and Breastfeeding

April 29, 2021

Research suggests that women with a history of PTSD have more issues with breastfeeding. Samantha Brody-Meltzer, the Chair of UNC Psychiatry and director of the UNC Center for Women’s Mood Disorders discusses the importance of talk therapy and intentional birth … Continued

Professors Inducted Into National Academy of Sciences

April 29, 2021

Distinguished research in COVID-19, cell signaling, chromosome segregation, & digital cell imaging is all happening here at UNC. Four Carolina professors have been named the newest inductees of the National Academy of Sciences for their research achievements.

RUNC: Zardas Lee

April 28, 2021

UNC PhD student Zardas explores how people from small colonies in South and Southeast Asia pursued dreams of freedom and independence in the 1940s and ’50s while empires and superpowers dominated the world order.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in a Pandemic

April 27, 2021

The UNC GIllings School of Global Public Health unpacks how balancing the need for personal health and safety with environmental impact can be difficult during a pandemic and the small steps individuals can take to reduce their ecological footprints while still prioritizing their health.

If Plants Could Talk

April 27, 2021

Through scientific examination of plant remains, reviews of historical documents, and consideration of social theory, UNC PhD student Sierra Roark works to understand how Siouan-speaking peoples used plants before and during the colonial period in the Piedmont region of North … Continued