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Projects or ideas that are deemed to have significant potential will receive the following benefits:

  • Mentorship: Scientific support will be provided to develop a therapeutic target concept or project.
  • Translation: Support will be provided to access and coordinate resources and funding through UNC and external organizations.
  • Commercial Assessment: When applicable, engage with key potential stakeholders on campus and externally to obtain feedback and assess market potential.

Therapeutic Protein or Gene

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AdvanTx Support

Therapeutic Mentorship

  • Develoment of therapeutic hypothesis
  • Human translational data
  • Technical feasibility
  • Preclinical tools & reagents
  • Safety assessment
  • Clinical development strategy & patient selection
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Project de-risking
  • Therapeutic Workplan Development


  • UNC School of Pharmacy: Eshelman Institute for Innovation
  • UNC Lineberger Cancer Center
  • UNC School of Medicine Pilot Awards
  • NC TraCS
  • UNC OTC Grants
  • UNC Idea Grants
  • NC Biotech Center
  • Pinnacle Hill
  • Foundations

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Drug Discovery Research Plan & Budget to IND

Lead Identification
1 year, $2 – $4M

Lead Optimization
1-2 years, $3 – $5M
Development Candidate Selection
<1 year, $1.5 – 2.5M
GLP studies & IND Prep/filing for Phase 1
1 year, $1.5 – $2.5M
Biophysical & Biochemical assay screening
In vitro ADME
Cellular assay screening
In vivo DMPK
Selectivity screening
Broad selectivity
In vivo screening
Clinical TE assay
IP filing
GLP Safety Pharm
Non-GLP Scale Up, API Prep & CMC
GLP Genetox
Acute & Chronix Tox
Additional DMPK
IND Prep
Target validated & Hit ID
Chemical matter ID
Precandidate ID
Development Candidate ID
IND Ready