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1. UNC Investigator; 2. Project Submission; 3. AdvanTX Team Reviews Submissions; 4. Feedback Provided; 5. Projects Selected; 6. AdvanTX Project Support

Responses to the scientific questions listed below and located on the AdvanTx submission portal will be used by the AdvanTx team to prioritize and select projects eligible for support. The AdvanTx team will be particularly interested in supporting protein or gene projects where unpublished and/or published data strongly support a hypothesis that modulation of the protein or gene will have a beneficial effect on a human disease. Research faculty with submissions that are selected for support will be promptly contacted by the AdvanTx team to discuss the project and potential next steps. Research faculty with submissions that are not selected for AdvanTx support will receive general feedback on the feasibility of the project within 1-2 months after the submission date. However, the AdvanTx team will be interested in monitoring the progress of non-selected projects, with the longer-term goal being to provide support as a project matures.

  • The protein and/or gene target name(s)
  • The physiological role of the protein or gene target, if known.
  • An initial hypothesis for how modulating the target or gene will elicit novel pharmacology, if known.
  • How the target or gene and corresponding pharmacology could be pursued to treat a human disease, if known.
  • If available, any evidence from studies using human genetics or a humanized system (cells/genetic/pharmacological manipulation or other) to suggest the target or gene is involved in pathophysiology of a human disease.