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New IC Form Service Type: Community Collaborator

A new abbreviated checklist is available for a new category of Independent Contractor (IC) called Community Collaborators. Community collaborators are individuals who provide guidance and/or support to an activity, project, or program based on their unique experience, knowledge, skills, and/or social capital. Most commonly, this designation is used for members of Community or Patient Advisory Boards/Committees or individuals providing similar services to a project or program.

This new abbreviated IC checklist for Community Collaborators will facilitate quicker processes for campus departments engaging with Community Collaborators, including those supported by a sponsored project.

Community Collaborators are restricted to the following:

  • the collaboration lasts no more than 1 year
  • the contract does not exceed $5,000.00
  • the collaborator is a U.S. person who can provide a W-9 IRS form with the Community Collaborator checklist


To find out more, see the Community Collaborator Form page, or you can find details in the newly released process, 708.4 – Procedure on Paying a Community Collaborator.

For questions or more information, contact Accounts Payable at For questions regarding specific projects, please contact your department’s Sponsored Projects Specialist. For questions regarding this announcement, please contact

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