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Returned COVID Airfare Credits to Sponsored Projects

As mentioned in the memo sent by UNC Travel Services, a journal entry has been processed to centrally credit the value of applicable airfare tickets back to the original chartfield string (CFS) used to purchase them.

For sponsored projects credits, we implemented the following:

  • For sponsored projects with PSIDs in an ACTIVE status in ConnectCarolina, any applicable credits were returned to the project. This includes projects with continuing PSIDs. If the original PSID is now closed but has a continuing PSID, the credit has been applied to the most recent continuing PSID.
  • For sponsored projects with PSIDs in a CLOSED status in ConnectCarolina and there is no continuing PSID, or if the applicable continuing PSID is in CLOSED status, the credits were not returned to closed projects.

For questions please contact Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager at For questions concerning this communication, please contact

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