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New OSR Journal for Recording Committed Cost Share

Cost Share, also referred to as matching or in-kind contribution, is the financial portion of a sponsored project that is not covered by sponsor funds. Based on individual project agreements, committed cost-share may be required to be reported to the sponsor. To facilitate this, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), in conjunction with Finance, developed a new Journal Entry (JE) type in Campus Journal Entry called ‘OSR-COST SHARE‘.

The new OSR Cost Share JE will be used to record the following types of cost share in ConnectCarolina: third party/in-kind cost share, grant to grant cost share and unrecovered overhead. The process remains the same for recording other types of cost-share. This allows departments to easily record and track mandatory cost-share that must be reported to the sponsor which was not recorded in ConnectCarolina. OSR will use the cost-share listed in ConnectCarolina’s General Ledger when preparing the report for the sponsor.

Effective for transactions dated July 1, 2021, and after, all applicable committed cost-share must be tracked using this new JE type. If there is cost-share on a project then please use the new JE type to move it to the correct project, unless it has already been reported to the sponsor.

For more information on creating these new journals, please see the guidance document.

Key Elements

  • This is a net-zero journal, meaning that no amount will be expensed to, or removed from, the project.
  • Both the debit and credit JE lines use the same chartfield string (CFS).
  • The account codes for both lines will be limited to:
    • Debit (Positive) 559152 – Cost Share
    • Credit (Negative) 559153 – Cost Share Offset
  • The same type of documentation currently used for cost share tracking will need to be attached to the JE.
  • OSR Pre-audit team will review and approve these JEs.


For questions concerning whether cost share is required for a project, please contact your department’s Sponsored Projects Specialist. For questions concerning cost-share reporting on a specific sponsored project, please contact your department’s Sponsored Projects Accountant. For all other general inquiries concerning this communication please contact

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