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The Graduate School has released the Graduate Student Fees Memo for AY 20-21 with updated guidance on paying mandatory graduate student fees.

OSR’s Graduate Student Fees Table has also been updated to reflect the new academic year but there are NO changes to the fee amounts as the rates remain the same as the prior year.

Charging Fees on Sponsored Projects

Per the memo, for graduate students funded on non-state sources, the full amount of mandatory student fees must be provided to all eligible students.

As a reminder, mandatory graduate student fees are categorized into two account codes: 568731 are fees allowable on federal funding sources (Source 49000) and 568732 are fees that may not be charged on federal funding sources. To pay all mandatory fees, both account codes 568731 and 568732 must be used.

On federal awards, GradStar will only populate the allowable portion of the fees, and the user will then add additional rows to pay the remaining balance from another source. Please reference the Graduate School’s GradStar Training document to assist in entering these payments.

If the award does not have sufficient budget to cover the mandatory fees, it is the responsibility of the campus unit funding the student to cover the costs using a non-sponsored project source.


Please contact us via if you have any additional concerns or questions with this announcement.

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