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Below are reminders from the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to make sure all financial transactions are completed and posted for sponsored programs.

Pre-Audit Approvals

Remember that certain transactions require Pre-Audit approval from OSR prior to receiving Finance approval. June 19 is the last day to submit journals for OSR, except Cash Advance journals to allow adequate time for all levels of approvals for transactions. See OSR Operating Standard 500.04 for more details on Pre-Audit approvals.

Cash Advances

All outstanding cash advances for projects that are ending in FY 2020, older than 60 days for domestic and 90 days for foreign, must be reconciled and approved at the department level by June 25. See OSR Operating Standard 500.14 on reconciling cash advances.

Finance Resources

Information concerning the year-end procedures and dates is available in the Finance April 28 memo. The memo and fiscal year-end checklist can be found on the Month-End and Year-End Resources page in the featured resources section of

Override Requests

All requests for overrides will need to be submitted to OSR by June 25 at NOON via ServiceNow.

ServiceNow for OSR Help Request

As a reminder, the ServiceNow portal, via, is now used for OSR help requests. To assist campus users with requests for OSR Help, guidance is on the OSR Forms and Tools webpage in the section ‘ServiceNow for OSR Help‘.


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