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Effective July 1, 2019, Operating Standards and Procedures for the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will migrate to PolicyStat, the official repository for policies, procedures, and standards at UNC-Chapel Hill. After migration, the OSR Operating Standards and Procedures webpage will still exist with direct links to the content on PolicyStat.

What this means

Any links that you are using to reference OSR operating standards and procedures in email signatures, bookmarks or documents should be updated to the new PolicyStat link.

Search in PolicyStat

PolicyStat offers several search options that include: Keyword, Title, Responsible Unit, and Topic Tags. Searching by keyword on the Home or Title tab will search policies for all units in PolicyStat. To search within OSR operating standards and procedures, filter and search by Responsible Unit. We are currently building the Topic Tag library for OSR documents and will communicate when more options are available for that search type.

To search by Responsible Unit:

  1. Select the Responsible Unit tab
  2. Using the Filter box search for Research-Office of Sponsored Research
  3. Double click on the responsible unit to move it to the selected column
  4. Type the text you would like to search
  5. Click Search Policies

Policy Stat Dashboard

For assistance or questions on this announcement, please email For more information about PolicyStat, visit here.

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