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Appropriate use of chartfield strings (CFS) for financial transactions in ConnectCarolina are vital for managing, billing and reporting on sponsored research awards. CFS used for sponsored projects consist of the Fund, Source, Department ID, Account Code, Project ID, Activity 1, and CHOSR (PC Business Unit).

To ensure correct CFS application when expensing on a sponsored project, confirm the details in RAMSeS matches that in InfoPorte.


Log in and go to the Admin tab, select Award Admin and enter the PS Project ID.

First Chartfield Screenshot

Under the PS Project IDs tab, you can select the hyperlinked project ID, which will open the project details. The PS Fund, Source, and Department used as part of the CFS is located here. At the time of establishment, all department PS Project ID Managers entered in RAMSeS and the Principal Investigator will receive an email with the new PS Project ID and CFS.

Second Chartfield Screenshot


Log in and go to the Finance tab. Click Dept Accounting>Grants>Grant Details and enter the PS Project ID. Under “Ledger Totals” the CFS is listed.

Third Chartfield Screenshot


Fourth Chartfield Screenshot

Helpful Tips

When entering a Voucher, if you enter the PS Project ID, it shows the Project Title, confirm you have the correct one and select it. This will autofill the Fund, Source, Department ID and Project ID.

Fifth Chartfield Screenshot

For further information about ConnectCarolina chartfields, please visit the CCinfo reference guide found here. For questions or request for changes on a spponsored project CFS, please email

Sixth Chartfield Screenshot

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