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The award review and setup process begins when the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) receives a notice of award, either in draft or final form, from the sponsor. Recently, some sponsors have not included OSR in award funding communications. One example is the Department of Energy which OSR has found to notify the departments or Principal Investigator (PI) only of award notices or only load notice of awards in FedConnect, their grants management system. OSR continues to work with all sponsors to manage and streamline award funding communications, but some of the following best practices from departments will assist OSR with efficient award set-up.

Best Practices for Notice of Awards:

  • If the PI or department administrators receive emailed notice of award communications, check that OSR’s ResAdminOSR inbox is included or forward the notice to
  • If a notice of award is mailed to the department, please scan and email the communication to
  • If departments are unsure if OSR has received a notice of award, check for a RamTracker to confirm if there is an OSR action in process for an award set-up or modification.

Please contact OSR at with any questions on this announcement.

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