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Improved RAMSeS Contact Search Tool and New Certificate of Confidentiality Guidance

A RAMSeS system enhancement has been implemented to improve the Contact search tool in the RAMSeS Help Menu and incorporate new requirements and communication on Certificate of Confidentiality pertaining to research involving human subjects. A summary of the enhancements are listed below and a detailed guide is available on the OSR website.

RAMSeS Help Menu Update

The Contact OSR/Administrative Support tool has been renamed Contact Project-Related Support. Enhancements to this tool include additional search fields and a display with more detailed information on department and central office contacts.

New search fields offer the ability to search by:

  • Proposal Number
  • Award Project Number
  • PS Project ID
  • Department

Users with access to RAMSeS may utilize this search tool to find contact information for any proposal or award. Access and roles in RAMSeS are assigned by the Backbone Role Manager for each department/unit and troubleshooting assistance is available via the ORIS Help Desk (919) 843-2594.

Certificate of Confidentiality

In the RAMSeS IPF, four questions have been added to the Human Subjects section of the Research Subjects screen that are required if the project involves Human Subjects research.

On funded proposals involving Human Subjects research whose sponsor/prime sponsor is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a new Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) notification email will be sent to the Lead PI, departmental PS Project ID Managers, IPF Owner, Primary Award Contact (designated via the proposal’s General Info screen), and Sponsored Projects Specialist.

This notification email is informational only and will outline that a CoC will be issued automatically for any NIH-funded project using identifiable, sensitive information that was ongoing on or after December 13, 2016. The CoC is now issued as a term and condition of the award per the recent NIH Certificate of Confidentiality policy update.

Please contact us at with any questions pertaining to this announcement.

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