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Effective October 18, 2017, an update to the RAMSeS Award Administration module will introduce a new personnel role called New Lead Principal Investigator (New Lead PI) and new data lock rules. The changes will help preserve historical data regarding the original Lead PI and project attributes entered during creation of the award record.

Select RAMSeS fields will now lock at specific periods after the Award record is created. This lockdown process retains the original data for reporting and recordkeeping purposes as well as prevents unauthorized changes to the award record.

Data Lockdown Schedule

  • Ramses Project Administration > Awards > Award No. > Personnel Tab
    Data locks 7 days after creation of the record
  • Ramses Project Administration > Awards > Award No. > General Tab
    Data locks 45 days after creation of the record

A Prior Approval Request must be submitted to OSR ( in advance of a Lead PI change. The new PI will be added to the RAMSeS Personnel Tab and assigned the New Lead PI role once the sponsor has approved the change. The system will retain both the previous Lead PI and the new Lead PI for data and reporting purposes. Also, an automated email requesting COI actions will be generated and sent to the New Lead PI referencing the new role.

Please direct any questions regarding this update to

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