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Effective Friday, September 22, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will implement a change in process for setting up new Project IDs for sponsored projects that are not granted automatic carryover per award terms. Currently, sponsored projects with no automatic carryover maintain the same Project ID for the duration of the award. As a result of this change, a new Project ID will now be assigned for each year of funding for an award.

This process change will apply to set-up of all new and ongoing awards. For existing awards, if you are in year 2 of a no automatic carryover 5 year award, a new Project ID will be set up in year 3 and then again in each year thereafter. Additionally, new outgoing subcontracts will also be issued for awards that receive new Project IDs.

This practice has already been in place for non-federal and federal pass-through awards and we are now including all direct federal awards. OSR is implementing this change in an effort to allow for more seamless budget tracking as well as more efficient and accurate financial reporting.

Please contact us at with any questions for this change in process on Project ID set-up.

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