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On March 1st, the University will begin the effort certification period for FY15 and for the first half of FY16. Currently, we are in the pre-review period, and on March 1st, we will ask you log into ecrt, review the labor allocations, and certify that the labor distributions reasonably reflect the activities for which you were compensated during the reporting period (or make corrections as needed). Training materials, including a short PowerPoint presentation, quick reference guides, and a YouTube video, are available for your reference on the OSR Website.

Effort certification is a requirement under the terms and conditions of the University’s federal awards, and the University is committed to compliance with this requirement. Recognizing that the University is asking you to certify two reporting cycles at the same time, the University will be offering three drawings for prizes during the 30-day effort certification period. All of those who have completed their effort certifications by the date of a drawing will be entered in that drawing and in all subsequent drawings. The drawings for the prizes listed below will be held on the following dates:

  • March 8th – iPad, 5 drawings
  • March 15th – Silverspot Cinema gift cards, 10 drawings for $100 each
  • March 22nd – Bulls Head Bookshop gift certificates, 20 drawings for $50 each

In addition, a drawing for departmental pizza parties will be held on March 25th for departments that have achieved 100% effort certification completion by that date.

As a reminder, all certifications are required to be completed within 30 days of release, or by March 30th. Please see the University’s Effort Reporting Policy for further information.

Although you cannot certify before March 1st, we encourage you to review the salary allocations in ecrt now and make any needed changes ahead of time so that you can accurately complete the certification upon release on March 1st.

If you have questions, please contact your effort coordinator or

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