The Office of Research Development is introducing InfoEd SPIN Plus, a comprehensive funding opportunities database, as a replacement for ProQuest Pivot. With SPIN Plus, UNC researchers, administrators, postdocs, and students can search over 40,000 funding opportunities from more than 10,000 federal, public, non-profit, and private sponsors. Registered users can set up and save search preferences, sign up for email notifications, organize and export funding searches, and share funding opportunities.

SPIN Plus is available to all UNC users. Download the SPIN Plus Quick Start Guide.

Please review any search preferences and saved searches in Pivot before October 31, 2017. Pivot will no longer be available to the campus on November 1, 2017.

We encourage all UNC users to register a SPIN Plus profile. With a SPIN Plus profile, you can log into the full SPIN Plus database and take advantage of its customization features, including being able to set up and save search settings and sign up for email notifications. Signing into SPIN Plus is also the only way to access the database off campus and/or through VPN.

If you do not register a SPIN Plus profile, then you can still access the database through a computer connected to the UNC campus network. However, you will not be able to save search preferences or sign up for email notifications, and you will not have off-campus or VPN access to the database.

Eligible SPIN Plus users must be currently affiliated with UNC and have an active UNC email address. To register a profile, visit You can complete your registration whether you are on or off campus.

  1. Click Sign In in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Under the login fields, select Need to Create a New Profile?
  3. If you are signing up from off-campus or through VPN, then select UNC-Chapel Hill from the drop-down box of institutions.
  4. Provide your first and last names, UNC email address, and a username.
  5. Check “I’m not a robot.”
  6. Click Save in the upper right corner.

A registration request will be submitted to the SPIN Plus administrator for UNC. You will receive a confirmation email for your request. Please allow up to 24 hours for registration approval.

Once the administrator approves your registration, you will receive a notification email with a link to create your password. When you create your password for the first login, you can ignore the field for “current password.” You will then be able to log into SPIN Plus both on and off campus and through VPN, and will be able to use all of SPIN Plus’s customization features.

If your registration is denied, then you will receive a notification from the administrator explaining their decision.

Pivot users should prepare for the Pivot phase-out by

  • Reviewing any saved search preferences in Pivot
  • Setting up similar search preferences in SPIN Plus
  • Downloading or printing any saved opportunities from Pivot

Pivot users who have administrative privileges can also export their saved, tracked, or curated lists of funding opportunities. However, Pivot does not allow for exporting search preferences, either as a downloadable file or to SPIN directly.

Please review all Pivot preferences and set up comparable settings in SPIN before the Pivot phase-out is complete. Pivot will no longer be available to the campus on November 1, 2017.

SPIN Plus includes over 20 short tutorial videos to guide new users through the database. These videos cover basic navigation, search techniques, and user customization. Tutorial videos are available under the SPIN Plus Help tab.

A SPIN Plus Quick Start Guide is available. This two-page guide covers logging into the system and conducting Text, Advanced, and Keyword searches.

ORD is working with our campus partners to provide educational materials and database training to the campus research community.

For questions or additional information, please contact Jonathan Foland, Administrative Support, at