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Broader Impacts

Information about Broader Impacts criteria, which are important for successful review of NSF grant proposals, communicating Broader Impacts to scientific and diverse audiences, and links to campus units and resources that can support an investigator’s Broader Impacts statement. This content is onyen-protected.


Browse a listing of the University’s research centers, institutes, initiatives, and laboratories, or access a searchable database of the University’s core facilities.

Proposal Development and Grantwriting

Research Development Community

The Research Development Community comprises research administrators and staff across the University who are involved in research and proposal development. Research Development Community Meetings occur twice each semester to facilitate intra-institutional networking and dialog. If you are interested in joining the Research Development Community, please visit the community’s collaboration site via SharePoint (content is onyen-protected).

NC Alliance for Collaborative Research Excellence (NC ACRES)

NC ACRES is a three-year pilot that developed from a listening tour in FY20 that included 12 institutions across the UNC System, Duke, Wake Forest, and the NC Biotechnology Center. NC ACRES builds upon inter-institutional goodwill and leverages collective complementary strengths while aiming to break down inter-institutional silos.

NC ACRES highlights researchers and resources from state-wide partner institutions during monthly theme driven research webinars. From May through December 2021, six webinars focused on:

  • Health Disparities
  • Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning
  • Climate Change
  • Materials Science
  • Mental Health/Health Disparities
  • STEM Education, Research Workforce Development & Equity

In January 2022, our webinar series shifted to a yearlong focus on climate change. Each monthly webinar will highlight projects in one of the following research pillars:

  • Technology Integration and Advancements:
    • Climate Tech: Data analytics and computing sciences for tackling climate change | Smart Utilities and next-gen materials
  • Disaster Preparedness, Extreme Events, and Mitigation:
    • Climate impacts: preparing for climate stressors and disasters
  • Health Impacts of Climate Change
    • How will climate change, change us?
  • Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency
    • Optimizing low-carbon, minimal-impact energy generation, delivery, and storage
  • Resilient Agriculture
    • Equity-focused recovery from climate change impacts and extreme events | Sustainable approaches to agriculture for a growing planet
  • Modeling / Simulation / Data Analytics
    • Integrated assessment: interdisciplinary approaches to mitigating the climate crisis
  • Climate Equity
    • Countering uneven distribution of environmental policy improvements, preventions, and mitigation strategies

If you are interested in presenting your work at one of the monthly webinars, please contact

NC ACRES’ long-term goals are to:

  • expand networking opportunities among NC researchers
  • facilitate activities that will lead to joint grant submissions and joint publications
  • increase depth of knowledge of other institution’s research activities and available resources