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Banner with multiple images of researchers working in the field. The first image of the Old Well on UNC campus. Then an image of a researcher in full protection gear. Next is at an event, with people sitting at tables, reading a piece of paper. Then is a hand in a glove, putting a test tube in a centrifuge. Then another photo of researchers at another event, sitting at tables, enjoying lunch. Last is a photo of a blow up NASA rocket.

Growing the Research Enterprise at Carolina

The Office of Research Development exists to expand the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s capacity for innovative, groundbreaking research by providing resources that enhance complex proposal competitiveness. Additionally, our office fosters collaboration across the research community within Carolina and among key partners.

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Supporting Researchers and Scholars

The Office of Research Development facilitates project ideation, resource identification, and multidisciplinary team formation to enhance UNC’s competitiveness in securing funding for research and scholarly projects. Our office:

  • Fosters collaborations among researchers to form teams that can address “grand challenge” questions:
    • Convenes thematic workshops around university and sponsor-specific research themes.
    • Consults with researchers on the best strategies for pursuing funds for specific projects.
  • Provides internal pan-university pilot funding opportunities to enable research teams to better pursue external funding:
    • Funds for idea development and team building,
    • Interdisciplinary “grand challenge” awards, and
    • Targeted funding for fine arts and humanities scholars and researchers.

The Office of Research Development accelerates UNC’s success in obtaining extramural funding through proposal development activities. We:

  • Support the planning and submission of large-scale proposals focused on interdisciplinary convergence science projects.
  • Provide grantsmanship training to faculty investigators of all levels to provide building blocks for successful, first-time submissions to new sponsors.

Engaging with Partners

Additionally, we foster the research community within UNC and facilitates relationships with regional and national partners and funding agencies. Our office:

  • Identifies, tracks and disseminates strategic external research funding opportunities.
  • Manages limited submission grants and awards to ensure that UNC advances top candidates in these competitions.
  • Promotes national and international recognition of UNC faculty.
  • Promotes UNC’s relationship with federal funding sponsors and partners:
    • Coordinates campus visits and facilitates relationships among researchers, program officers, and national laboratories.
    • Encourages participation of UNC researchers in advisory roles to serve federal partners through Federal Advisory Committee nominations.
    • Collaborates with UNC System schools and other North Carolina campuses.