Growing the Research Enterprise at Carolina

Mission: To Expand UNC’s capacity for innovative, groundbreaking research by engaging with faculty to promote and support research focused on innovative, cross-disciplinary and transformative efforts

“It’s an exciting time to support Carolina’s unique research endeavor in this role. My team and I look forward to broadening our engagement with researchers across campus, from the humanities to the sciences. We strive to serve people both locally and globally through high-impact scholarship, excellence in research, and advancing the frontiers of human knowledge.”

-Nathan Blouin, Director, Office of Research Development

Nathan Blouin, MBA, CRA


Jonathan Foland, MA

Research Associate,
SPIN Administrator

Alexia Kelley, PhD

Project Manager

Alexia Kelly headshot

Denise Lindley, MSW

Research Development Specialist,
Limited Submissions Coordinator 
Denise Lindley headshot

B. Gail Whitfield, BA

Executive Assistant to the Director


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