Protecting Property When Hurricanes Strike

June 27, 2017

UNC Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral student Carter Smith discusses how homeowners and property managers can better protect coastal properties from hurricanes on this episode of “Coastal Daybreak.”

Oral Storytelling Skills Impact Reading

June 22, 2017

The oral storytelling skills of African-American preschoolers make a difference in how quickly their reading skills develop, according to a new study from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG).

Striking a Balance

June 21, 2017

People with cerebral palsy (CP) are now living longer than they ever have before. But a longer life with CP can include more complex health issues that providers are struggling to accommodate. UNC physical therapist Deborah Thorpe wants to change that.

Disruptive Driving

June 21, 2017

While car manufacturers and tech companies around the world work to make autonomous vehicles a reality, two UNC researchers are raising some important questions about the impacts this massive change will have on our daily lives and public health.

Woman in Science: Rachel Willis

June 21, 2017

Rachel Willis studies how sea-level rise, drought, and increased storm severity threaten port communities, influence migration, alter global food sheds, and impact future access to work through complex water connections related to infrastructure for global freight transportation.