Overall Roles and Responsibilities

  • The lead Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the technical and fiscal management of a sponsored research project from the proposal development stages through award close-out. OSR Policy 200.4
  • Departmental administrators (DAs) are usually assigned to the daily financial management of sponsored research projects, but accountability for compliance with university and sponsor requirements ultimately rests with the PI. OSR Policy 200.5
  • Deans, directors, and departmental chairs certify the commitment of resources by the administering department, center, school, or institution. OSR Policy 200.6
  • The University takes its guidance for the preparation, review and submission of research agreements from UNC General Administration. Specifically, UNC-GA Policy 500.3. A summary of this policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of the university’s research community.
  • For specific guidelines on development and submission requirements, see the OSR Policies and Procedures Manual, Proposal Development and Submission.