Responsible Officer: Director

Responsible Unit: Award Management

Effective date: July 1, 2008

Last revised on: July 21, 2011

Policy Statement

As with other salaries supported by sponsored funding, eligible graduate students of research project teams may be compensated with a partial tuition waiver based on the percentage of effort the individual graduate student will work on the project. The tuition rates differ depending on the applicable graduate program.

The Graduate School at UNC Chapel Hill provides Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarships (GTIS) for eligible doctoral and masters students who receive external funding through sponsored research.

Reason for Policy

In conjunction with OMB Circular A-21, tuition remission and other forms of compensation may be allowable provided the individual’s participation in the research meets the applicable criteria.



Procedures and Related Policies

Tuition is calculated by multiplying the graduate student’s predicted percent of effort on the project times the tuition cost of his/her particular graduate program.

For example, 25% effort times the fee for a state resident Journalism graduate student taking 4 hours in the 2007-08 academic year =

.25 x $1,988.52 =

$497.13 or approximately $500 of tuition cost paid by the sponsor.

OSR Research Tool Kits

Proposal Development and Submission: Developing a Budget


Questions and concerns can be submitted online at Ask OSR or by using the OSR staff directory. Within RAMSeS, the “Speak to Someone” option assists in locating the staff member best suited to address project-specific issues.


Research Administration Glossary at Carolina

1. The Graduate School website.

2. OMB Circular A-21, Section J.45, Scholarships and Student Aid Costs.

Revision History

The policies in the Office of Sponsored Research Policies & Procedures Manual supersede any OSR policies, procedures and appendices previously included in the University Business Manual, a publication of UNC Chapel Hill’s Division of Finance.